Great Minds and Ice Cream Essay

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A wise man once said, “Great minds think alike,” and before I could read literature, I believed him. I believed that to be one of those great minds, I had to be just like everyone else. The way I spoke, the way I dressed, and even the kind of ice cream I ordered had to be the same as my best friend, but as I grew older, I realized that it is our differences that set us apart from each other. Our differences make us not just unique, but interesting as well. Just as being different and interesting are good qualities for ourselves as human beings, they are good qualities for writing as well. Good writing transports the reader to another place where a new and exciting story takes place. It makes us care about the characters and feel some of …show more content…
While deciding whether or not to purchase the book, I opened up to the first page and read this:
Congratulations. The fact that you’re reading this means you’ve taken one giant step closer to surviving till your next birthday. Yes, you, standing there leafing through these pages. Do not put this book down. I’m dead serious—your life could depend on it. (Patterson 1)
This opening statement was an immediate selling point for me. I wanted to know how this book could potentially save my life. I wanted to know what happened next. This proves that another key factor in good writing is to always start the piece with a strong first sentence or paragraph. It draws the reader in, and makes them stay, like a Venus fly trap. The reader, upon reading the opening statement, sees that they want to venture into the story, and become trapped in another world, where the story takes place. This is one of the many secretive ways an author draws in their readers. This is good writing. Good writing doesn’t just appear in books, or poems, but also in movie scripts. Last week, while watching the movie Adam, I briefly reminisced about times when my father would tuck me in for bed and read me a bedtime story. My “walk down memory lane” was caused by hearing the woman’s voice speak this:
My favorite children’s book is about a little prince… who came to Earth from a distant asteroid. He

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