Essay on Graffiti: Art or Vandalism?

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The Case for Artistic Mien
While passing through Mohamed Mahmoud Street, it is hard to not notice the spectacular drawings on walls, these are an assortment of graffiti forms, some of them named: Wildstyle, Stencil, Heaven and Piece. It is not a novel case for Egyptians as for centuries ancient Egyptians have been decorating their temples and documenting their history through pharaonic drawings on walls, which can be considered one of the oldest forms of graffiti. The art of graffiti has developed a lot since then in terms of technique and tools. Instead of engraving walls, people now use a much easier method which is spraying on surfaces. Graffiti is a controversial issue since it is considered vandalism by some people because it may
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Graffiti transforms “the grey, dull, boring and bland places” to colorful masterpieces, which refines the appearance of the area. Psychological studies have confirmed that what surrounds us, affects our psychological state and it is confirmed that it takes the stress away and it is psychologically healthy. Even museums and art galleries recognize graffiti as art and free some space for graffiti masterpieces, however, very few people have the luxury to go to museums and galleries, so that graffiti artists make their art is accessible and available on the streets for everyone. Apart from the aesthetic aspects of graffiti it has practical uses; the independent magazine UK stated that police in Toronto “have just hired a street artist to paint walls to help find the man who murdered [someone]” (Akbar). So, instead of claiming that graffiti “damages property”, one can verify that it can help society.
Furthermore, graffiti is considered as “the voice of the people”. Graffiti gives people the opportunity to express themselves and share their ideas not only with a number of people but with the whole city. Making graffiti illegal would be equivalent to censorship and limiting freedom of expression which is a violation of human rights. To highlight this point, the Egyptian revolution is a very good example. In fact, it has been illegalized by the

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