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Learning comes easier for some than for others. For me, thankfully, learning is unproblematic; there have been very few obstructions down my path of gaining knowledge. As a student, I sit in class, listening intently, and absorb the information. Why is that so? Why do some struggle more than others? Is it somehow connected to childhood? As a youngster, I loved reading. I read books with the ferocity of a jungle cat, prowling the library and pouncing on books that struck my fancy. At Lincoln Trail Elementary, we had a program called Accelerated Reader, in which you would pick out a book from the library and be tested over it on the computer once you had finished reading. This became a favorite pastime of mine. I would test daily, …show more content…
She reached out to take the book, but I pulled it away before she could grab it. “Don’t you want me to read it?” she asked.
“No.” I sat down on the cushy mattress and made myself comfortable. I opened the front cover of the book. Then, I read to her the tale of the baby bird that, upon hatching, searches for its mother. And I read it perfectly.
My mother was stunned, amazed, happy, confused. She praised me many times over.
From then on, I read books to her. *
Though reading was my forte, writing was never too hard either. Actually, I find it rather enjoyable. Of course there are times when I get frustrated and feel like chucking my computer at the wall, but for the most part, writing helps me to relieve stress rather than cultivate it.
In my younger years, I not only enjoyed making up words to string together, but I also enjoyed the physical act of writing down the words, pencil to paper. I took extreme pride in my handwriting (in fact, I once stopped my second grade teacher after class to show her that I could write in cursive). My teachers praised it for its legibility, which was astounding for a boy to produce.
I think this is connected to the fact that I love to draw and doodle. As evidenced in my binders, I scribble little cartoons and the like in the margins and draw on sheets of paper in my spare time. At home I keep an assortment of notebooks full completely of drawings I’ve done and I still continue to add to them. My

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