Going to Grandma's House for Thanksgiving Essay

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There’s no better time of the year than the month of November for me. Besides the fact that it’s almost winter-time and it’s going to snow soon, this is when I go to my grandmas’ house for Thanksgiving. My grandma lives in Wisconsin, Madison, Wisconsin to be exact.
She lives in a big log cabin on the top of a mountain. The cabin was built for my grand parents by my uncle about 25 years ago. The thing that I love most about my grandmas’ house is the woods. There’s a perfect view of the woods from the back deck. There’s also a great view of the valley fields and farm houses from the front porch. The high ceilings are the best part about inside. They make the room feel big and open. There are three stories including the basement. The
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We usually go out before the sun rises so the air is cold and brisk. The next day we get up at there at five in the morning to get ready to go hunting. We leave about an hour later to start the excruciating hike up the rocky, snow-covered mountain to the tree stand. We finally reach the tree stand at about five in the morning. A tree stand is like a tree fort that many of us had when we were kids. They usually sit about forty to fifty feet in the air and they give you a panoramic view of everything in the woods. And it helps keep you out of view of the deer. Now, we just sit and wait for some action. Another thing I like to do when I’m there is have a big bon fire. We start building it in the early afternoon. We start by trimming back some of the branches along the fence line. This is what helps get the fire going because it is dry and placed on the bottom of the pile. The next thing we do is go up the logging road and look for trees that have fallen in storms or have just rotted out. We drag them down the road with the tractor and take them to the garage were we split them. These logs get placed on top of the branches that are already in the fire pit. Next, my uncle gets the can of gasoline from the garage and pours it over the logs. Then he stands back, lights a road flare and throws it into the logs. WHOOSH!! The wood erupts into flames, some of them jumping over ten feet high. We

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