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Renewable Energy With a growing population around the world, the need for energy is grows as well. In modern society, we use electrical energy for multiple tasks such as operating vehicle, machines, for everyday uses. Every year the electrical energy needed requires mass amounts for such purposes. Which is created in power plants, for example, the Hoover Dam. Scientists continue to look for alternative sources to quench our thirst for more power. Renewable energy is a great example of what

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Solar panels don’t install themselves. Wind turbines don’t manufacture themselves. Homes and buildings don’t retrofit or weatherize themselves. In our industrial society, trees don’t even plant themselves, anymore. Real people must do all of that work.
In the long run, smart policy and investment will drive down prices for clean, renewable, homegrown energy sources. But if we cling to the old, carbon-intensive energy technologies, then the price we all pay in volatile economic costs, in climate disruption and in threats to our national security will continue to climb. And the poor will be hit first and worst by every one of those rising costs. A well thought out shift to a clean energy economy offers more work, more wealth and better health to disadvantaged communities than does any plausible, business-as-usual scenario.
In a time of economic peril, let us never forget that everything that is required to make America’s economy cleaner, greener and more resilient is a career pathway for someone. Or a business contract. Or an entrepreneurial opportunity. We can power America through this recession by powering America with clean energy. We can create millions of jobs that will make our people wealthier and the Earth healthier.
Even though renewable energy is a
 key component in addressing the current energy crisis; however an industry,
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