Glorifying Imperfections into Stereotypes Essay

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“None but ourselves can free our minds." –Bob Marley
The battle between internal and external racism still exists after years of protesting and struggling for the next generations. Internal racism is present inside the black community through various areas. This coincides with internal jealously amongst blacks. External racism is outside of the black community, which is how society looks at African Americans. White’s views on blacks shape the negative stereotypes that some blacks have adapted into their culture while some try to exclude themselves from the following stereotypes: drug dealers, criminals, dumb, ignorant, poor, athletic, religious, and musically gifted.
Non-African Americans that choose to listen to African American
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For example, Michael Jordan is black and talented at basketball. Therefore, all black men are talented at basketball. Internal jealously amongst African Americans in the guise of racism and class prejudice prevents steady advancement as civilized people. When black on black crime occurs African Americans are only damaging their future generations and damaging their communities. African Americans that kill each other due to gang related incidents and other influences are only making it easier for racist white people. They don’t have to come into the neighborhood to hurt blacks because they are hurting themselves by killing off their youth by drugs and violence. Why is it that Blacks are distributing crack into families in their own community? Crack is an addiction that kills. A black man or woman sees a crack head as a meal ticket or a ticket out of the ghetto. A black man or woman doesn’t see that crack head as a human being just a being to get paid. Drug dealers are phasing the youth into the drug dealing schemes preparing them for a life of drugs, fast money, and jail time when they could be educating them on what not to do in the streets. Instead, they teach the youth to be envious of those with money and take down those that have it so that they can get theirs. It’s all about having money in the streets and being able to buy fancy things.
A little talked about fact is the level of jealousy that seems to be prevalent among black

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