Globalization and Islamic Fundamentalism Essay

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The Al-Qaeda offshoot ISIS, has made its way through Iraq and Syria. This new terror campaign appears to have been rolled out with a decades old objective, which is wrought with violence, propaganda and destabilization. But what are the reasons behind these acts of terror and violence? How is it possible to stop terrorism? What is the future of the endless conflict between Islamic extremism and modernity? The last one is particularly burning, since it touches an issue, entwined in ever-lasting controversy, aggression and needless carnage - the issue of Islamic fundamentalism and its extreme manifestation - terrorism.

In my paper I argue that in its essence Islamic fundamentalism is a negation of the values, upheld
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Ideology of Islamic Fundamentalism

Neither Islam, as a religion, nor globalization is responsible for the current conflict. Actually, they both hold the idea of unity and are perfectly compatible. Ideally, the Muslim society is “ a society open to all mankind regardless of their race, color, or language and regardless of religion and belief” (Moussalli 208) – a definition, similar to the idea of the global village. The clash between Islamic fundamentalism and western civilization is, therefore, rooted in the fundamentalist ideology, which is a deformation of the true values of Islam. According to Muhammad Sa’id al-‘Ashmawy, two major movements exist in the Islamic world: “the liberal, the enlightened or the intellectual, and the militant, the activist or the warlike” (Fluehr-Lobban 108). The former supports the coexistence of Islam and other religions, the mutual enhancement of different cultures, and the transformation of Islamic values in conformity with the modern world tendencies. On the contrary, the latter – fundamentalism – endorses the idea that Islam is the only true and valid religion, and, therefore, should be forced upon all infidels. The basic goal of fundamentalism is the transformation of the two fundamentals (hence its name) in Islam – the

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