Global Warming Essay

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Global warming is a serious and complex issue that is at the forefront of much modern scientific research. Everyone, from the scientific community to, unfortunately, politicians, seems to have their own opinion on the issue. Climate change is a serious issue that needs to be examined for root causes so that it can be realistically addressed by humanity as a whole.
Global warming is an expression that refers to the idea that the physical earth, along with certain elements of the atmosphere, is increasing in overall temperature. This disturbing issue is indicative of an overall trend that has accompanied the increase of greenhouse gasses in recent years. Global warming has started to take an increasing effect in, primarily, the last
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Both of these are critical to the long term understanding of the planet’s climate and its change.
The instrumental data shows some interesting facts about Earth’s temperature. While there have been some random anomalies, the overall average temperature has risen. It seems to have specifically risen dramatically over the last twenty five years ("Paleo Perspective...on Global Warming").
On the other hand, proxy date is a type of data that scientists gather from the natural world that give indicators to climate and/or specific weather patterns at a particular point in time. While there are a huge amount of different kinds of proxy data, one of the most widely studied ones is the rings of a tree. Tree rings can tell scientists what type of weather (like rainfall and temperature) that specific tree experienced in a given year, by counting the number and thickness of the trees rings ("Paleo Perspective...on Global Warming"). Scientists also make use of sea coral to determine historical weather patterns. The coral can give scientists an estimation of the temperature of the water when the coral was initially formed ("Paleo Perspective...on Global Warming").
Proxy data has shown scientists a far longer record that instrumental data ever could. The proxy data that has been uncovered by scientists shows some interesting information. It would appear that Earth goes through climate cycles and

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