Global Warming Essay

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Global Warming and The Environment

Global warming is a term used to describe a gradual increase in the average temperature of the Earth's atmosphere and its oceans (All About Global Warming, 2007, para.1). There is no doubt this is an important matter that will impact planet earth for many years to come. Global warming is a critical issue that impacts the entire world and the potential consequences caused by it will have a negative impact if human contribution is not reduced. Although many people disagree with the causes and outcomes, there is certainly enough information available to support the argument.
At this time, global warming is said to be a crisis with carbon and emissions of Co2 being made out to be the culprit (Turpin,
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Into the future, significant changes in climate will also determine how and where those occupying this earth will live.
Global warming has had a direct effect on sea life by diminishing coral. For the first time in history, global warming has contributed to coral being added to the critical ?Red List? (Species Extinctions, 2007, p.1). Sea life is an important resource for fisheries and sports recourses. For many countries, the sea is a main staple for food. As oceans become polluted and the natural cycle and habitats for sea life become depleted, it will become one less resource those on earth will be able to depend on. This is a serous issue that will have a tremendous impact on the way humans live in the future.
Data collected over a twenty-year span and analyzed by NASA, indicates evidence of a warming planet. The data suggests rising temperatures and a significant increase in the ocean will bring melting ice and more open areas of water (Recent Warming, 2003, Synopsis, Changing Seasons, Changing Ice, para.12,13). There is not a region that will go unnoticed by the effects of global warming. Consider the North Pole, this region is associated with polar bears, ice caps and freezing temperatures. The truth is, the effects of global warming and increased temperatures have created significant irreversible damage to the region and those that inhibit it. As the polar ice caps continue to melt, it leaves little refuge for the polar

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