Global Warming is Losing Its Heat Essay

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Polar Bears run the risk of becoming extinct as their natural habitat is quickly disappearing from beneath their feet. This has been a topic of conversation since former Presidential candidate Al Gore released his award-winning documentary called An Inconvenient Truth and the Bush Administration declared the Polar Bear as an endangered species. The reasoning behind the disappearances of the Polar Bear relate directly to an increase in carbon dioxide and other airborne chemicals known as greenhouse gases that thicken a layer of the atmosphere. This process has come to be known as global warming. People have considered global warming a serious threat on the environment, but they may not know exactly what global warming is, what they can do …show more content…
Other greenhouse gases include methane, nitrous oxide, sulfur hexaflouride, and water vapor. Sulfur hexaflouride, along with other chemicals like Cloroflourocarbons, are the only greenhouse gases that are completely man-made and do not occur in nature (Gore 28). Allowing more of these gases and chemicals into the atmosphere will cause disastrous effects on the environment. One such effect is a direct relation to the increase in surface temperature on the ocean. Scientists say that the warmer water surface causes a higher frequency as well as strength in storms (Gore 80-81). In 2004, for the first time in recorded history, a hurricane hit Brazil from the South Atlantic Ocean (84). However, the storms from the oceans are not the only storms that are a result of global warming. The warming temperatures make what would normally be snowfall into rainfall, therefore making areas experience severe flooding. Yet in neighboring regions, the increase in rain does not occur and instead they experience a drought (106-112). Changing temperatures force living creatures to adapt, and this is also true with bacteria and single-celled organisms. Diseases that are carried on animals like rodents and insects mutate into more serious and deadly cases against humans because of the animals being forced to relocate (172). The most prominent and talked about dilemma of global

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