Global Warming: Human or Natural? Essay

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Global warming is an issue facing everyone in the world. It has caused some places to lose they’re homes, and soon many nations will face evacuations. Global warming will cause food and water shortage, and tension between poor and wealthy countries over resources. If more fossil fuels were being burned then it would lead to higher dangers. With the population growing everyday it will cause more challenges of climate and energy will only intensify. Global Warming or climate change effects changes in the entire environment. In the last one hundred years the average temperature has gone up by one point eight degrees Fahrenheit. This has caused changes in weather conditions like storm patterns, winds, the growth of plants, and the rise in …show more content…
The greenhouse gases are causing the temperature to get higher having glaciers start to melt faster then they can grow.

Most people say that carbon dioxide is the cause of global warming. With more people burning fossil fuels they release, carbon dioxide where it goes into the atmosphere capturing more heat from the sun. Trees are a way for some of the carbon dioxide to be collected but with more trees being cut and burned down it gives off the carbon dioxide it collected over its life span. Over the years people have found ways to figure out how the carbon dioxide level has changed in the last 420,000 years. By cutting an oval into a glacier and pulling it out, you would be able to see from the texture of the ice the different carbon levels that accrued.

Another way of showing global warming is a human caused problem is by looking at the increase of nitrogen. Nitrogen is in some types of fertilizers that farmers use. When it rains thought that fertilizer would travel to undeveloped land and it would upset the ecosystem. It would cause some plants to grow faster while other plants and animals would die. Just like carbon dioxide when you burn fossil fuels you would be giving off nitrogen. This would cause the Earth to over heat. If you burn too much nitrogen it would cause climate change, sea level rising, and changes in the ozone layer. With too much nitrogen in water it can cause algae to

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