Essay on Global Governance

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Globalization is a term referring to the world’s rapid changes toward a more connected inter-woven world society. There are critics and supporters of the phenomena. Deep within the world-wide structure there are individuals and institutions that are helping to usher in a global culture. These certain elements deem it necessary to carefully re-direct the focus of the nations of the world away from the nation-state and toward a more integrated federalist view with countries yielding power to a global institution. Globalization is typically associated with changing trends in the cultural and economic components of world societies. Interestingly, the international movement toward global partnership envelopes much more than that. Lets …show more content…
(Vatican) In yet another sector of society there is the World Federalist movement, which was funded here in the United States with the purpose of endorsing World Federalism. Their idea is that the world would be better served by a United Nations that has a lot more institutional power that would resemble a sort of global congress made up of representative nations. The foundation works with other like-minded groups to attempt to commercialize the world government idea. In these efforts the foundation presents many papers and recommendations to the United Nations on a yearly basis. (WFI)

It would be wonderful to have a United Nations that stood strong in fostering of moral behavior. The vision of a United Nations at the helm of global governance which made a real effort to preserve the visions of freedom and democracy embedded in the United States Constitution is appealing to the suffering masses. In today’s reality however, the global institutions are coming into heavy scrutiny for time and again acting against the common conceptions of ethical and moral standards. An example of this is the recent occurrence of human rights groups condemning November 2010’s election of Sharia-law compliant, Saudi Arabia, to the governing board of the UN’s new women’s rights agency. “It’s morally perverse to reward a country that lashes rape victims, and that systematically subjugates women in every walk of

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