Gliding Through the Ocean Essay

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Title A scuba diver, submerged under water and surrounded by a multitude of colorful fish, is in his element. To him, nothing compares to the majesty of the sea. The life and all the fish that thrive at the bottom of the sea fascinate him. Just above the top of the ocean, another man stands on the sand, reveling in the splendor of the sky. In his hand, a long string stretches into the clouds and connects with a magnificent kite. Each man believes his atmosphere to be the most wonderful of all. In the diver’s eyes, the fish enhance the beauty of the ocean, while the man on shore gives kites the credit for brightening the sky. Far below the surface of the ocean, lies a world very different from our own and inhabited by many varieties of …show more content…
All kites possess a nose and a tail, which stretches toward the ground and dangles in the breeze, for performing tricks amongst the clouds. People of all ages enjoy flying kites. Children fly kites for fun, while adults use kite flying as a form of exercise. All around the world people can be seen enjoying this wonderful sport. A fish glides through the ocean in the same way that a kite glides through the air. Each adds to the beauty and splendor of their surroundings. Kites are alluring and beautiful soaring through the sky, while fish are graceful and skillful swimming in the sea. Fish, as well as kites, range in size from extremely small to immensely large. Each appears flat, but, upon closer inspection, the individual layers making up the configurations can be seen, such as a nose, tail, and skeletal-like structure. A child flying a kite on the beach is easily entertained as his kite dips and dives in the wind. Men deep below the waves on a scuba diving exhibition are equally engrossed watching schools of fish performing acrobats through the water. Both are relaxing and peaceful activities. Kites and fish are both able to move, but kites move from the force of the wind, while fish move of their own volition. Kites coast across the sky, while fish float among the deep water currents. Synthetic and man-made, kites do not breathe. Fish breathe, grow, mature, and produce offspring, making them

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