Essay on Germany After World War II

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After World War II Germany was in a serious economic crisis. The country's government was faced with numerous reparations after World War I to Great Britian and France. This meant that Germany was to pay for any and all damages caused by the war from 1914 to 1918. Since Germany was in great debt, the country was looking for someone who would step up and become a leader. Adolf Hitler thought he could be the leader everyone has been waiting for. unfortunetly, Hitler's sudden need for power made everyone beleive what he said was the correct way of thinking. This led to millions of deaths and to his final solution to restore Gremany.

During the time of Germany's downfall, Hitler decided he was going to show everyone what Germany wa struly
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When Hitler became official chansler, Germany was still in a great amount of debt from World War I. Adolf Hitler needed to blame someone for the amount of money loss so he decided to blame Jewish people (Jews). Jews were outsiders in Germany and Hitler beleived that, because they were different than the rest of Germany, they were the problem. Refering back to the conversations in english class, Hitler made every Jew register as a Jew. Every man, woman, and child has to register as a Jew if u were one. Even if you do not practice Judaism, your great grandmother could have and that would make you a Jew in Hitlers eyes. When Jews registered, Germany was given their name, address, family, and your relation to being a Jew. After the collection of information, each Jew was given a Star of David to separate them from the rest of the nation. If you were Jewish and owned a company or weapon, it was take away from you.

Later, Hitler found that the disabled, colored, or anyone different from the adverage German citizen, was a disadvantage to the country. This, unfortunetly, led to Hitler's Final Solution. His master plan was to get rid of every undesirable to make Germany stronger then ever before.

Hitler's master plan is the reason time should never repeat itself. His Final Solution is now rerfered to as the Holocaust. Over six million Jews were killed. Millions of other undesirables on his list were killed as well. During the Holocaust, Jews

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