Geriatric Health Care Essay

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Your college choice should be based off your desired degree, modality, and length of time, cost, and location. Just remember to choose the college that best fits you and meets your selected degree, because without the proper education you will not understand medical terminology such as: LPN, RN, or even BSN; which basically just stands for licensed practical nurse (LPN), registered nurse (RN), and Bachelor of Science Nurse, because a “nurse” is just never a nurse (Geriatric Nurses).

(2) Focus on geriatric- related training while in school.

Katy Katz research states, prospective college student should “pay special attention to classes with training for care of older adults and take as many as possible and when it comes time to schedule your internships at off-campus clinical sites, try to work in a program where you will get extra time working with geriatric patients.” Focus on the materials from your desired degree, the more experience you have, the better it will look once you graduate and trying to find a job with different facilities (Katz).

(3) Pass the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX)

The NCLEX, is the exam required for all nurses to become certified practitioners. It is often one of the most important parts of pursuing a career in nursing and, on average, seven out of 10 RN, CNA, and PN students pass it the first time they take it. Your college wants you to succeed so they will build the exam into your curriculum along with all of the tools
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