Geography Fieldwork Essays

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A. Fieldwork Question & Geographic Context

How are the prices of housing affected by the location of malls in the Washington DC Metro Area? By sampling housing that is for sale within a 2-mile radius of two malls in the Washington DC metro area, the correlation between location of malls and housing prices can be found. Two malls will be surveyed in the Washington DC Metro area in order to answer this question. Tyson’s Galleria, located in Tyson’s Corner, between Vienna and McLean, Virginia, is the largest shopping mall in Virginia and is located 12.5 miles (20.1 kilometers) from the Central Business District of Washington D.C. The second mall being sampled is Landmark Mall, which is located in a triangle formed by Duke Street (Virginia
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B. Methods of Investigation

Collection of the data regarding housing pricing in relation to major malls in the Washington DC metro area began on November 6th after the topic was chosen on the 31st of October. My first method of research was through online research which was conducted on Sunday, November the 6th where I researched methods in which I could obtain the data on housing prices. Some options I found and used were as follows, Zillow an online research tool to find housing prices proved to be a good start, it provided me with information on the location, distance to the malls and the number of beds and bathrooms in each house this was crucial to choosing houses which were similar and could be comparable to each other. This is because the houses chosen had to be very similar to each other, in order to provide accurate data. The next step in research was a contact in the real estate industry, for this Mrs. Barbra Jones, a real estate agent was able to provide insight as well as data on the houses which were chosen. She was able to access the MRIS database which had information on the prices trends and averages from the past few months. The MRIS database is for use by Realtors only and was able to provide information that was unattainable otherwise. In order to demonstrate the location of the Malls as

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