Genetically Modified Food [GMF] Essay example

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Everything in our live have two sides: one is good and another one is bad. It is hard to find perfect things. The genetically modified (GM) foods like other things have both sides which are good and bad in the same time. Now, GM foods are a big debate if it is good or bad for people’s health. The GM Foods mean food that produced from organic that had specific changes introduced into their DNA using the methods of genetic engineering. Even though GMF are causing damage environment and affecting on original farmers, in general most GMF have some advantages. GM food can provide low cost and it may be lower than the organic foods. It save the time. It provides a good size and new products. It feeds more people, especially poor countries. …show more content…
In addition, the neutral have disease and pollution without using alfalfa. For instance, Malaria and position plants, they are neutral, and they have one said which is bad. Comparing with alfalfa which has a good and bad effect in the same time.
Also, the consumers will be satisfied because they will find a good price that lower than the neutral foods. So, they will find all what they need with a good price. In addition, Monsanto company can attract a lot of consumers by putting labels in it is the product. These labels can change consumers’ attitude because they will give them information about the products. Huffman, Shogren, Rousu & Tegene, (2003) agreed when they wrote, “Two prominent environmental groups, Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth, believe GM labeling would benefit consumers, and these groups advocate labels on GM foods to give consumers the right to choose whether to consume GM products” (483). Therefore, the label can change the consumers’ opinion.
Also, GMOs can save time and money especially with farmers. Using GM crops can help to cultivate the crops in any seasons and protect them in the same time. In addition, it is saving the time, such as if the plant needs three months to grow, with GMOs needs one month to grow. This is a good benefit for both farmers and consumers. For farmers do not need many months waiting their crops to be ready, and for consumers do not need to wait until specific seasons. They can find all

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