Essay on Genetically Modified Animals

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This assignment is going to be focusing on genetically modified animals. Genetic modification of an animal is where you alter its genetic material by adding changing or removing DNA sequences. The aim of this is to make animals that are more disease resistant and enhances the growth. According to EFSA website it says, “GM technology has already been used for plants and microorganisms. They are used to create new food in the agriculture world. As far as GM microorganism they are created to produce enzymes. Research is now underway to use this type of technology for animals. Safety assessment guidelines have been created by many international organizations for these animals and their products. (European Union, 2013) The list of …show more content…
There must also have very little impact on the environment and the ecosystem. GM animals work by what they are used for in a certain situation. An example would be like GM mosquitoes. The scientist is using GM mosquitoes to destroy their own kind. By injecting certain male mosquitoes will a deadly toxin, they are hoping to introduce them into the wild so when they mate it will kill their offspring. This method is used to help keep the potential of catching malaria or dengue fever down. Other animals are genetically modified to help them become more disease resistant. Others such as salmon eggs are genetically modified to make them grow faster. According to a CMR website it states, “ the bio-safety methods and procedures include some of the following: hazardous and exposure minimization, physical and biological containment, as well as risk assessment. This is all to ensure that there is no animal abuse.” (Kimman, Smit, & Klein, 2008)
The main issues facing this type of technology are mainly ethical problems, although there are some social problems it not as important as the ethical problems. First I am going to describe the ethical implication or problems. The most major issue is the concern of the GM animal welfare. . According to an article on the NCBI website it states the following about animal welfare, “ the issue of animal welfare should be considered by all stakeholders which includes veterinarians.

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