Essay on Genetic Screening

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Genetic Screening

Genetic screening techniques are coming of age and the controversy that surrounds them is growing by the minute. The definition of genetic screenings is as follows: a systematic search for persons with a specific genotype. These tests that look into the essence of humanity, will allow scientist and physicians the opportunity and ability to alter the human genotype for better or worse. Genetic advancements will bring controversy at every milestone. Genetic Screening usually takes place when an individu al or group shows risk for a disease or trait. Genetic testing can pinpoint a specific allelic interaction or multiple gene interactions, which may lead to a disorder. The common thread of life is DNA and DNA is the only
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Gene interaction controls the physical and structural characteristics of organisms. Allelic pairs make up genes. Interactions between different types of alleles create different genotypes, which is expres sed by different phenotypes. The process of mapping of the complete human chromosome is called the human genome project. The information gained by the sequencing of the human chromosome can be compared and contrasted with the DNA sequences of individual s that posses a certain trait. This will allow scientist to determine which gene or sets of genes control a trait. After a trait is defined and the most likely sequence mapped, a genetic test can be developed to compare the sequences of an individual and determine if the individual is predetermined to develop a disease or trait. By using comparative analysis techniques, genetic screening plays the role of an indicator. The results allow insight into whether the individual shows trends towards risk of con tracting a disease. The process doesn't necessarily determine whether or not an individual will have a trait rather it will show the genetic makeup that is most likely responsible for that trait.

Ethics in genetic screening doesn't play a role in the science of genetics, but it plays a major role in how the public opinion is formed. The playing god factor has religious groups and others screaming. The general public opinion is usually formed for the most part by uninformed individuals

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