Generalized Anxiety Disorder Essay

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Generalized Anxiety Disorder I believe I am most disposed to generalized anxiety disorder, or better known as GAD. People with GAD worry about nearly anything. I am the type of person that needs to always worry about something. If I do not have something to worry about, I tend to worry over the fact that I have nothing to worry about thinking that I am forgetting something important to do. GAD is common in Western society and about 3 percent of the U.S. population have symptoms of the disorder. Women are also diagnosed with GAD more than men. According to Freud, children exposed to high levels of realistic, neurotic, or moral anxiety and lack an adequate defense mechanism are most likely to develop generalized anxiety disorder (Comer). …show more content…
Also, I am beginning to develop a bad temper and easily become irritable, especially towards my parents. My symptoms started arising while I entered college. My freshman year of college I got a job at a department store and began working a couple weeks before Thanksgiving break. I noticed that balancing work and school was beginning to stress me out. The thought of just working late nights and having to go to school in the morning the next day worried me and the stress of balancing school and work was beginning to tire me. Although I quit my job in the spring, my symptoms did not get any better. I still am unable to relax and have a hard time falling asleep at night. Restless hours are spent almost each night waiting to fall asleep. I put calming, soft music on in the background to help me fall asleep and light stress free aroma therapy candles each evening to help calm me down. Unfortunately, I am still found drowning myself in worrisome thoughts about tasks that need to get done the next day, wondering the outcomes of tests I took at school, when I’m going to finish my paper and such. I find my heart racing uncomfortably and have a huge lump in my throat. Loud noises easily make me startled and jumpy which may be normal, however, in certain circumstances in huge groups I may tend to be the only one feeling startled. Though I feel as if I suffer from mild symptoms, they thankfully do not interfere with my everyday living, yet.

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