Gender Roles in Today’s Media: Deconstructing Barbie Disproportion

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For my final media report I chose to talk about the identity between men and women in today’s media; specifically African Americans. I have chosen to speak directly on how women are exploited in advertisements and the music industry itself and how men are looked at as the ones who hold power. My questions for my research that I wanted to further answer were what does the actual woman look like in the eyes of the media? Does this affect women in the real world? Why is it that the smallest things have the biggest impact? In doing my research I reviewed several articles that were assigned for our class assignments two dealing with body image called “Deconstructing Barbie Disproportion” another “Adios Barbie” and lastly a video by Laurie …show more content…
After reviewing those articles I did some further research on gender roles in the media and I ran across a Journal that was all about Controversial rap themes, gender: and portrayals. In this journal it helped me to further expand that women are treated as sex figures when it comes to hip hop videos and the men are seen as powerful. Not only in this journal did it help to demonstrate that one’s color is a big thing in this industry when it comes to rap videos but also the roles majority of these artist play. After viewing previous video countdowns that we chose as a world and some joined videos from the most popular tv stations such as BET, MTV, and Video Hits Television(VH1) they realized that these videos consisted of nothing but materialism and violence these videos not once showed that women were in control but again that men held the power and women were of less value.
Another article I got the chance to look at was an article all about self- esteem misogyny and afrocentricity. This article looked at how black people ingest the things that are featured in these rap videos; how it moves them. As far as the black women they look at how black women were degraded in the more current videos oppose to the older ones which held a different message. The author focused on how black people are affected by the negative and positive themes presented

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