Gay Rights in Huey Newton´s 1970 Speech Essay

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“Jesus never said a word about homosexuality. In all of his teachings about multiple things--he never said that gay people should be condemned. I personally think it is very fine for gay people to be married in civil ceremonies” (Carter). Jimmy Carter took a religious route to support the Gay Rights Movement. The Gay Rights Movement started in the 1950s and is still a heated topic that is debated over. The Gay Rights Movement is believed to be started by the Stonewall riots. The Gay Rights Movement had no real leaders and its followers were homosexuals and people who sought for oppression towards gays to end. The purpose of the Gay Rights Movement is to end discrimination towards the homosexual community. “The Women’s Liberation and Gay …show more content…
Newton’s speech was given in the nineteen seventies. For that time, males were not very content with the expressions of homosexuals; just as a male African American expressing support towards homosexuals and their fights towards liberation was a radical action. Newton mentions the similarities between the Women’s Rights and Gay Rights Movements. Newton talks about how people react to gays and women as wanting to physically injure a gay while just wanting a women to be quiet (Newton). Nevertheless, Newton is comparing the two groups as oppressed groups of the time. He calls the gays and women revolutionary. When Newton calls them revolutionary, he means that with that and them being human, they can up rise against oppression and bring themselves their own liberation and freedom. One of the purposes for Newton was to get people to quit using slurs, “Just as it us no longer acceptable to use racial epithets in polite American society, those [in major institutions] who would attack homosexuals must now hold their tongue” (O’Malley). The whole thing about the racial slurs was that when the slurs were used against gays, they were a main reason that the gay population was being oppressed. The slurs are demeaning, wrong, and should be removed from the human’s vocabulary (Newton). When a person calls another person one of those slurs, it gives that human access

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