Galileo, Science, and the Church by Jerome J. Langford Essay

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Galileo, Science, and the Church by Jerome J. Langford

Science and the church, two things that you would not ordinarily think would go together until until Galileo came along. Galileo, a man that stuck his head out to the world, but especially to the church, when maybe he should have done things a little differently. This particular book shows many accounts of the troubles between Galileo and the church, and with other bystanders. The book goes through the ups and downs of Galileo and the church, the hardships, and friendships that people held, and how hard it was to keep those friendships during the days of Galileo. The book reveals many alliances, and loyalties, but also it also reveals distrust, and clouded minds, of both
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Scripture had professed that God made the Earth the center and that it was immobile. Although many cardinals, priests, monks, and many others did not like the theory and thought it collided with scripture, there were many people of the church that believed that science had no ties to scripture, and the theory could possibly be true. Though hit by a hard blow from the rejection of the theory, because of scripture Galileo moved onward, pursuing the acceptance of the Copernican theory.

Galileo did move on, and he did whatever it would take to try to prove his theory. He mocked church officials, and also made many enemies within the church, and in the scientific community. Galileo ran into a heap of trouble in the year 1616. The year 1616, brought about the end or silencing of the Copernican theory from Galileo. A decree was issued that Galileo could no longer write, talk, or make anything of the Copernican theory. Galileo took the decree and went ahead. New scientists were coming out and Galileo took the chance by letting a young scientist publish his work under the scientists' name. Galileo took the chance, but everyone knew that it was his work.

The year 1623, brought about a new light for Galileo. Cardinal Barberini, became known as Pope Urban VIII, and he was a very good friend of Galileo. Galileo felt that finally there was a church official that was the top official, on his side. Galileo moved on and started to write books about the theory, but

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