Future of Nursing Informatics in Trinidad and Tobago telehealth services

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Nursing is one of the most popular jobs around the world. Nursing care aims to provide optimum care for its patients. As technology has changed over the years so have job spectrum of nurses. Nurses may now be required to use technology when implementing care such as the use of electronic health record and Telehealth. Nursing Informatics in Trinidad and Tobago is relatively new and the exact definition of the job may differ according to health care system. The American Nurses Association defines the position as overseeing the integration of data, information and knowledge to support decision-making by patients and their healthcare providers. Despite it’s relatively new the Ministry of Health has visions and in some instance
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Also medical equipments are used such as pulse oximetry, blood pressure monitor, weight scale, telehealth Interface unit and many others. Telehealth medical services can be delivered in three main different ways. The three ways are video conferencing- which is used for real-time patient-provider consultations, provider-to-provider discussions, and language translation services. Remote patient monitoring is one where electronic devices transmit patient health information to health care providers. Store and forward technology which electronically transmit pre-recorded videos and digital images, such as X-rays, video clips and photos, between primary care providers and medical specialists. These services can be live, interactive video, with multiple users communicating in real time, or pre-recorded, on-demand video streaming that can be downloaded to computers or digital devices. Telehealth can be transmitted in several ways such as encrypted internet connections, high speed telecommunications lines, major broad band network, single-line telephone and video lines and private point-to-point broadband connections The telehealth nurse is to integrate her knowledge of the information above and to laze with the other health care professionals and patients to utilize this service to improve health care.
Telehealth services can benefit Trinidad and Tobago health care system in so many ways. It

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