Essay Future Identity of America

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Are black people that different than white people? This is both a question and concern society focuses much attention on today, is there cultural assimilation in the United States or does the country still remain segregated? Realistically, America has a long way to come before saying it fully integrates both races equally. Donnell Alexander, author of “Cool Like Me” approaches the topic of the prejudices whites have of blacks, arguing that there exists no cultural integration and the United States is still separated. With many lucid examples using expressive tones and personal examples, he compares the coolness of himself to the coolness of other blacks and other cultures in order to get the reader to identify “cool” and relate it as a …show more content…
Having the credentials of an education at junior college in California and previously employed with LA Weekly and ESPN Magazine. He proves his experience through his vivid examples directed to help his audience better understand his message to persuade the audience to see race from a different perspective. His style of writing is very eloquent, precise, and highly symbolic (Alexander 421). This is proven by his clearly directed argument how blacks and whites are not cooler than one other, as much as anyone from either race tries to believe that true. He has directed his writing from personal experiences, growing up as an emerging writer without a father (Alexander 421). He knew firsthand what it was like for an African American to get called racist names, showing whites still to this day keep up the race barrier. Alexander shares personal anecdotes to bring his audience into the argument. He speaks of his neighbor who is a “new immigrant” (Alexander 415) and his wife who is “a white girl” (Alexander 418). The accounts and connections he makes between whites and blacks are used to show how assimilation is still a part of the future, causing one of the longest lasting obstacles in society still standing, racism. He also uses many names of famous African Americans in his argument, “Chuck Berry, Michael Jordan, Jerry West” showing he is well educated and has researched on the topic he is arguing, hoping to make his point as strong as possible

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