Essay on Frozen: The Story Continues

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Gerda placed the tray of the Queen's breakfast on the counter to smooth out her dark skirts. After fussing over her attire, Gerda halfheartedly proceeded to grab the tray until Kai stopped her and offered to carry it himself; he wore a black overcoat left unbuttoned over his round belly. Gerda nodded her head, grabbed the tea instead, and left the kitchen to bring the Queen her breakfast. They smiled and bowed before her, placing the morning meal on the table. Elsa smiled in return while thanking them and like the two servants, Elsa adorned a darker navy gown today, much like the one she wore as a child, instead of her bright sapphire dress. “Kai, if you may,” Elsa began. “Would you be kind enough to go wake Anna?” A look of surprise …show more content…
It was just for today would she bear the weight to look presentable and normal, but it was not for the townspeople or herself; she wasn't quite sure if it even were for Anna. However, despite the uncomfortable attire, it did feel right. By the time Elsa left the castle, many of the townspeople were roaming the streets. Villagers waved while also trying to get their attention. Elsa did not smile, but she did nod her head in the direction where people gathered. It was relieving when she finally reached the outskirts of town and rode into the forest. She slowed her horse to a light trot once under the foliage of trees and looked around. Most of the forest around Arendelle was unfamiliar to Elsa, but this wooded path was something very familiar to her. She followed the long, worn path through the trees, rode pass the field of man-made stone, and came to the foot of a hill where another horse tied to a post waited. It was Anna's, of course, and Elsa could see her sister's figure atop the hill. The Queen dismounted and ascended to see Anna. The Queen heard the princess before she saw her. She stood facing two great stones, carved with the symbol of Arendelle. Elsa scanned the scenery, but noticed that there was no one else around. As Elsa's heart dropped, she watched Anna speak with the two angular stones protruding from the ground. “-and Hans raised his

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