Freedom and Human Rights: When The Emperor Was Divine by Julie Otsuka

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There were many events that happened in the past which people were fighting for their rights and freedoms. In the novel “When The Emperor Was Divine” by Julie Otsuka, she uses this novel to tell the readers about the importance of freedom and human right. In the story, she did not mention the name of the main characters, but the characters that involve in this novel is a Japanese family who get arrest by the American because of their ethnicities. First, their father got arrested by the American because the American doubted that this man was a spy from Japan. Then their whole family got arrested into the Japanese Concentration Camp in the desert. They were ordered not to go through the fence of the camp or else they will get kill by the …show more content…
This quote shows the changes of this girl. Compare to the past, she starts not to eat with er family, illegally smoking cigarettes, and not that social anymore. The camp has shapes this young to have a depressing life. Even when she and her brother meet at the mess hall, she still can not recognize his brother. This can show the big changing of this girl while in living in the camp. But not only the girl in changing, the boy is also changing too. In the story, the boy is the only man who stays with his mother and his sister. So he has to carry the responsibility as a man. The author writes “The boy brought back food for her from the mess hall,[...]. But before it had even reached her mouth she stopped and stared out the window. ‘what is it?’ he asked her’ tell me what you want. Do you want rice?”’(page 94). The author uses this sentence to show the boy’s changes. At first, he was a boy who always hoping to get help from his mother and sister; but now, he starts to to take care of his sister. The actions he takes in the quote shows that he is changing from a boy into a man. Compare to his sister, he did not give up on his life because he believes that his father will come back and they will go back to their normal life. Therefore, environment can put people into a depressing life, but also can make people more stronger and mature. Furthermore, taking away people’s freedom is nothing but a mental torture. In the story, the girl is a victim of this mental

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