Free Will Essay

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According to Merriam Webster dictionary free will is the power of making free choices that are unconstrained by external circumstances or by an agency such as fate or divine will. Many people often question rather free will really exist or is it just simply a theory. For everyone action is usually a result of the law or a greater force. Therefore every action is control and not because of one choice. Yet we are not physically forced to do anything we don’t want to. The concepts of free will play a major role in politics or government, religion, philosophy, and literature. Free will is an important concept in today society that often question and challenge in various fields.
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In the American government everyone is born with certain right that the government can’t take away. Though free will is one of our natural rights, it is not worded as free will. Those rights are call life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. These right are mostly known in the United State but were founded by Europeans philosopher. In other word we have the free will to determine how we live our life. We have the free will to limit government power. We have the free will to buy, own and purchase land which is what make us happy.
Seeking happiness is why many join a particular religion. Free will is a major concept in many religions. One of the world largest religion, Christianity, many argue there is no free will. God decided everything for us let Jesus die so we can be sin free. Here the statement has both points of view. Some say since all our action are determine by god or influence by god it isn’t of our free will so there is no free will in religion. The other half say since Jesus the son of god die for our sin so we can be free, we human do have free will. Many books often explore free will with religion. Some books often try to show how religion take away people free will by making them does certain thing against their will. Other book argues religion is good because it help you decide to do the right thing and it not force but your own decision. In the world of

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