Frederick Douglas Narrative Essay

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Frederick Douglas Narrative

Hello, my name is Frederick Douglas. Please excuse my hairdo, I know it's changed a little bit since The 1800's, but when the 1970's came around I just couldn't resist going with the new styles. Throughout history others have noted me for my ability as a powerful speaker. People have said that my charm, wit, intelligence and humor, all contributed to my fame as one of the strongest abolitionist voices ever heard, and one of the foremost spokesman for black americans

I was born a slave in February of 1818 near the town of Easton on the shore of Maryland. My mother used to call me little Valentine so I adopted February 14 as my birthday not ever really knowing the true date. I didn't really know my
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I seized Covey hard by the throat , and as I did so I rose. We fought for almost 2 hours until covey finally gave up telling me that my beating would have been less severe, had i not resisted, but "the truth was, he had not whipped me at all" After working there, I was sent to another farm where I ran an illegal school for blacks. I wound up in jail because I was planning to escape and mine plan was exposed. I wound up in Baltimore, where I learned to caulk ships and was payed well for my work, but had to give it all to my master. I met my 1st wife Anna Murray in Baltimore, where we got engaged. While i n Baltimore I decidede that I would escape to the north on a northbound train. It was risky, but I had to do it. I borrowed money from Anna, and a friends "sailors protection" which said I was a free seaman, and bought a ticket to Philadelphia. My train ride was so frightening. I could have sworn that people from Baltimore recognized me, but if they did they didn't report me.

On September 4, 1838 I arrived in NYC, and a new world had opened upon me. It is very hard to describe my emotions at that time. Anguish and grief, like darkness and rain, may be depicted, but gladness and joy, like the rainbow, defy the skill of pen or pencil.

My first few days in America were very scary and I

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