Franklin Delano Roosevelt Essay

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On January 30, 1882, the world welcomed a new born boy by the name of Franklin Delano Roosevelt that would help America countless times recover from the depths of harm and danger and bring her to the shores of safety. He married his wife and distant cousin by the name of Eleanor Roosevelt and she did many good deeds of her own. Through his education, remarkable three terms of Presidency, triumph in a war, endeavor for peace, and struggling through a vicious disease know as polio, former President Franklin D. Roosevelt was the greatest President ever.
Franklin Roosevelt learned many vital and crucial lessons throughout his education. Lessons and concepts that would be carried with him everywhere. One of Roosevelt's first lessons was from
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When he entered, the country was a damsel in distress. However, in just four years, overall revenue of the country rose by 50%, production in factories increased by a twofold, the proceeds from farms were quadrupled, and businesses whose income was lower than their usual goals in 1932, was raised by three billion dollars (Uschan 68). Several individuals like I myself have been asking over the years, how has this former president overcome such a feat? Well, the answer to that lies in his policies and bills, and with the help of congress, anyway. One of the forces that helped re-create and reinforce both the America and the American presidency was FDR's policies ("Franklin Delano Roosevelt 1882-1945"). A force that helped America prevail over the Great depression would be his bills and acts. One of his many laws included the National Industrial Recovery act, which made it mandatory for companies to be reasonable in competition with each other (Sullivan 70). The most famous law that FDR brought up during his first term was the Social Security act which was when employees and employers paid a tax and the money from that tax went towards workmen's compensation for unemployed people, and profits and pensions for handicapped and elderly people (Uschan 65). However, FDR did not pass these bills alone. He needed congress to pass these chain of bills that helped the federal government play its part in

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