Frankenstein vs Today’s Serial Killers Essay

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In Mary Shelley’s novel Frankenstein the protagonist Victor Frankenstein creates a monster. The monster in the novel is deprived of a normal life due to his appearance. Like the creature, some serial killers today are killers due to the same rejection. In the novel Frankenstein, Mary Shelley warns that a childhood of abuse and neglect will often result in evil actions. Neglect during his childhood, most certainly affected Charles Manson and contributed to the monster he became. A biography of Charles states that his mother didn’t want anything to do with him so he lived on the streets committing minor crimes (“Charles Manson Biography”). Charles’s mother robbed him of a normal childhood with a loving family. Reports on Manson stated …show more content…
Not only did John feel like he didn’t belong at home; he didn’t belong at school as well. Gacy had a heart condition that made it impossible for him to play with other children (“John Wayne Gacy Biography”). His heart condition displeased his father. Gacy later struggled with his sexuality and realized he was homosexual. A biography on Gacy states, “[Gacy] was convicted in 1968 and given a 10-year prison term in relation to the sexual assault of two teen boys” (“John Wayne Gacy Biography”). John was accused of many assaults from numerous younger boys. Gacy lured most of his victims to his home to give them construction work to do (“John Wayne Gacy Biography”). It is a possibility that his father’s disappointment led his sexual killings. Ted Bundy is also someone who was neglected as a child. Ted Bundy’s mother didn’t want him; he was his mother’s “secret shame” (“Ted Bundy Biography”). Bundy’s mother gave the child to her parents. As Bundy grew up, he was told that his mother was his sister and that his grandparents were his parents (“Ted Bundy Biography”). Later his mom came back and remarried; However, Ted remained with his grandparents. A biography on Ted stated, “Bundy was a shy, but bright child who did well in school, but not with his peers” (“Ted Bundy Biography”). Due to being shy, Bundy couldn’t make friends well leaving him lonely and forgotten. In college, Bundy fell in love with a beautiful woman who

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