Four Skills Used to Solve Generation Jobless Essay example

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Limbo is often described as “a place or state of imprisonment or confinement” (The Merriam-Webster Dictionary). Spiritually, limbo is a region on the border of heaven and hell where the recently deceased are judged and evaluated. In limbo it is determined whether the spirits will enter the through the golden gates of heaven, or the damned road to hell. In the economist’s article titled, Generation Jobless, they describe the current situation of youths: “...there are few worse things that society can do to its young than to leave them in limbo.” The comparison of this after-life prison to the uncertainty of the job market for youths is not out of place. Due to a surplus of competitors, graduates must take jobs they are
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Importance of Skill in Relation to Challenge
In an economy where potential employers are bombarded with hundreds of applicants, a common worry employers have is whether or not their new employee will fit in with the company. Each time a hiring manager chooses to accept an application, they are taking a risk that the new employee will mix well with the current employees. Hiring a new staff is a long-term investment, an administrator does not want to have to clean up a possible mistake. With evident proof of teamwork skills, hiring managers will feel safe about investing in an employee. In an article on Forbes about the employees that truly stood out from the crowd Amy Knapp says, “She was so thorough, enthusiastic, and funny, plus incredibly talented, that we just knew should would push the team forward and add to the energy of the culture. We were really excited to offer her a role, and she was a great hire!” (Amy Knapp, Forbes). This quote from an actual hiring manager shows that companies are looking to add a member to an already existing team. Somebody who ‘adds to the energy’ of the company, and can benefit them in new ways will stand out from the crowd as the most promising employee. By teaching students teamwork, they can have easier transitions into the workplace and will attract more hiring managers.

Definition & Explanation of Skill Creativity is a noun that describes being creative. Being creative

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