Four Loves Argument Essay

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Here we see the springing forth of the natural love of affection from the Author of Love, who is Jesus. He is the One, who embodies love and gave the boost to show affection through kindness and appreciation.

The next form of love addressed by Lewis is Philia or friendship love. Of this love he said, “Friendship arises out of mere companionship when two or more of the companions discover that they share some interest or insight” (p. 96). This means that people will gravitate towards someone with whom they can relate to in terms of hobbies, interest or any other such mutual behavior. The relationship may be temporary or permanent; some friendships may even last a lifetime because it is such a strong friendship love bond. However, even though the love is strong and mutual, it may not always be equal. One friend may be more loyal and trustworthy while the other is always dependent or needy.

The Aristotelian concept is that “friendship love requires reciprocity, not always equal…” (The Nicomachean Ethics Book viii www.iep.utm.ede/love). We now live in the world where there is expanding social networks and friendship has taken on so many different faces. Gone are the days when friends would meet at the corner store for a chat because that was the only means of communication. Now there are ways of saying “hi” to your friends by sending them a message through a technology called text-messaging. Many people will boast of the vast amount of friends they
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