Four Classroom Management Strategies Essay

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Behavior problems will unavoidably arise in the classroom no matter how much planning I do to prevent problems. I cannot prepare for all the misbehaviors that can and will arise in my classroom throughout the school year. Due to these unforeseen behaviors I have assembled four strategies that will assist me in handling the minor disruptive behaviors prior to, and during the disruptive behavior. These strategies are: scanning the class frequently, using proximity control, remaining calm and providing an immediate response to the problem, and involving humor in the lesson.
Scanning the classroom frequently provides me the opportunity to “notice and respond to potential problems or minor disruptions” (Jones & Jones, 2007, p. 336). This
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When a student misbehaves in my classroom it is important that I react with a calm and immediate response to the problem. It is crucial that I remain professional and remember what my goal is when addressing the situation, “The disruptive impact of your response should not exceed the disruptive impact of the disruptive behavior” (Laureate Education Inc., 2008). It is important to model a behavior that I expect from my students when problems arise. Once students learn that I am not going to lose my cool and that I am going to stay firm in my expectations, there is no confrontation to be had.
An important teaching tool for establishing a classroom environment conducive to learning is humor. Humor can enhance the sense that the classroom is a community where the students can succeed if they try. Humor can be incorporated into a lesson to engage students in the learning process. When students are interested and engaged in the topic they will have less time to misbehave in a classroom.
It is my responsibility as the classroom teacher to challenging my students academically, while still providing a safe and conducive learning environment. It is imperative that I use a variety of different strategies to eliminate misbehavior in the classroom. These strategies will cause minimal chances for confrontation to occur in the classroom which will leave more time for learning to take place.
As an educator in today’s society I am accountable for

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