Form of Government Essay

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In the standpoint of natural law, the fundamental of socialism violates the right of freedom in first hand and right of property in second. The theory of socialism is built on the violation of natural law and absolutism. Let’s look at the detail views on both of the suppressed and oppressed rights. The transformatory project for the establishment of the good life has been eclipsed by socialist orthodoxy. Furthermore, ethico-political reality glided of the statist administrative goals, or simply, adopted values of liberals. Nevertheless, control has not been attained through liberal values which draw critics – its partial concept of freedom, obvious failures of market, its individualism (Ojeili, 2002).
Additionally, post-modernism has
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This of course is a favorable harbinger for libertarian utopianism as a result of willful stability of these goals against all prospects (Ojeili 2002).
Moreover, individual freedom is lost in the name of good life in socialists’ lure. No man with even inferior degree of self-respect ever wants to be controlled by others. None of the fully-grown human being will ever withstand being command what to do, how to work and what to think or how to be good person. The innate love of freedom of an individual has zero tolerance with the loss of individual liberty in an exchange of material calm. Government on the other hand is the authority who should be front line to protect and provide an every individual freedom of choice (Sean, 2008).
The operating premise of statism which makes socialism possible is false as end does not justify the means. The scope of freedom is limited in the hands of minor, only top government officials can enjoy lavish lifestyle. The doctrinal failure of ethics in socialism is the holding back the human freedom of action. Nature dictates the freedom of action to human and any attempts to restrain self-determination speech, travel, opportunity, is against the alignment of natural law (Roldan, 2010).
More importantly, the crisis of the socialist state fall into two key parts. On the first, the command

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