Fools Crow Essay

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Fools Crow

Have you ever been bullied around by an older brother or sister, but at the same time get along with them? Did it make you want to stand up for yourself? The Blackfoot Indians encountered the very same problem with the white people who had recently begun to migrate into the Indians land and territories. The Napikwans, as the Indians called them, were initially thought to be nice and friendly. They possessed many sought after items by the Blackfoot. Contacts with the Napikwans have changed the lives of the Blackfoot Indians in more then one way: The Blackfoot Indians were being forced from there homeland, created conflicts between the Blackfeet and the Napikwans, and were strongly influenced by the white men. The
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Tension was formed around the relationship between the Blackfeet and the Napikwan. As the Napikwans continued to push there way into the lives of the Indians, they began to hate the white man. They began to desire revenge on what the Napikwans had been doing to them. "…if the Napikwans mistake our desire for peace for weakness, then let them beware, for the Pikunis will fight them to death" (177). Owl Child in particular was insulted by the actions of the Napikwans and decided to retaliate himself. He immediately gathered a band to travel with him. Together they raided a Napikwan family and slaughtered the father, leaving the mother and children in turmoil. "…her passionless stare that made Owl Child feel she would be better off left alive. To tell the other Napikwans what she saw….you tell them Owl Child did this to you" (217). Although the scared white women didn't understand Owl Childs threat upon the white man, he knew that they would get the message. This was only one account of Owl Childs rage against the white man. On yet another one of his raids Owl Child mentioned to the band, "I have thought how I will kill him, little by little. I will cut off little pieces…" (208).
Although in the mist of these raids the Napikwans were out to revenge. In which Yellow Kidneys life was taken. The Napikwans snuck up Yellow Kidney and shot him through the bushes.

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