Essay about Food Service Business

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All foodservice businesses, regardless of type or size, have assured processes in widespread. Whether the foodservice business is fast food restaurant or a fine dining business, it should purchase supplies from suppliers by phone, computer e-mail or Web page, fax, letter or from a salesperson who calls at the establishment. Both type of establishment must receive the supplies by the time they have arrived, and somebody must verify that the quality, price and quantity are the same as they’ve ordered. The food must be put away in the dry storage, freezer or chillers. As soon as they are needed, the food must be taken straight from the food storage and prepared for customers who ordered it. Responsibility for purchasing can be …show more content…
This does not mean that this responsibility should always be given to steward. The determination of who should be assigned responsibility for food purchasing must be based on the situations and conditions existing in the specific foodservice operation. The important point here is that, for control purpose, the authority to purchase foods and the responsibility for doing so should be assigned to one individual. That individual can then be held accountable for the system of control procedures established by food controller.

2.0 Importance of food cost control

In order to ensure a food services operation’s sale exceed its expenses, food cost control contributed a major factor. Some restaurateur in food service businesses didn’t take this as important things and simply assume that their food cost will not exceed their sales. Here are some of the importance of food cost control based on our opinion and research on the internet. Obviously, all types of businesses want to make profit from what they sale include food services and that is one of the importance of cost control. Cost control put the restaurateurs in control by created awareness that food cost will be analyzed closely by them and they can ensure maximum profit and minimal loss of their businesses. Other than that, food cost control also helps the restaurateurs to get the right amount of what

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