Food Conservation Essay

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What is food?
Food is any matter consumed to obtain nutritional sustenance for the living organisms. It may be of animal or plant origin, usually consisting of nutrients like carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins and minerals. It is orally ingested and after passing through a series of processes involving enzymatic actions it is assimilated and the energy obtained is used by the organism to carry out processes like growth, maintenance of life and carrying out physical activities.
Right to Food
One of the fundamental human rights includes the right of food. This right protects all humans from the horrors of starvation, food insecurity and malnutrition.
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In short it is the duty of the state to make sure that all the people have easy access to food at all times, there should be no hindrance in their way of achieving this and the state should take all possible measures to free the society from the evils of starvation.
Food Security
Food security is a condition when all the people of a society have access to food which is enough for their needs and which helps them maintain their health and dynamic lifestyle. This includes both physical and economic access to food which can meet peoples choices as well as their nutritional requirement. Food security has three primary roots:
 Food availability: There is a regular supply of ample amount of food.
 Food access: Having adequate income to obtain food that fulfills the nutritional requirement.
 Food Use: To have awareness of the nutritive values of different substances and water and hygiene.
Issues related to food security are becoming increasingly common in many areas of the world giving rise to health disorders like malnutrition, starvation, food borne diarrhea etc. Food security over the world
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