Essay about Food Allergies

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Escalation in Customer Food Allergies For the past decade customer food allergy incidents have been notably on the rise. In some cases so severe that sixty –three fatalities have occurred nationwide between 1996 and 2006 states the
4Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network. The most common allergens include dairy, eggs,
5peanut, tree nuts, fish, and shellfish as well as soy and wheat. It is believed the increase may be in part due to insufficient food allergy knowledge in the restaurant industry. Another thought is the "Hygiene Hypothesis" which states that a possible reason for the rise in people with allergies could be due to the escalation in antibacterial products and higher sanitary surroundings. The immune system turns on the
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P.F. Chang's is another highly profiled chain restaurant which caters to allergy customers by "providing separate plates and cookware to prevent cross contamination, as well as a computer program that filter its menu of the allergen a patron might have and then provides a printout" states Alison St. Sure from Sure Foods Living Web site. On the smaller scale the Chipotle chain also caters to allergy customers by not having a standard menu and eliminating processed ingredients as stated in the article by QRS Magazine "The Allergy Issue." After five years of red tape and negotiations Massachusetts approved a Bill which requires restaurants to showcase food allergy awareness placards in employee areas, as well as placing labels on menus to prompt customers to notify their servers of potential allergies. The Bill also requires that any manager involved in food production be competent in food allergy issues. There are other States now reviewing this practice such as New York, Hawaii, New Hampshire as well as Minnesota. (The Allergy issue) As a customer you have a responsibility to notify restaurants that you have a food allergy. Many organizations such as, Phil Lempert Supermarket Guru provide a website where you can choose, design, and print out a food allergy buddy card to keep in your wallet free

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