Flight 107 - Original Writing Essay example

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Flight 107 - Original Writing

A ripple of agitation begins to creep along the aircraft, just as a Mexican wave unfolds along a soccer stadium. Voices mutter and murmur, discussing the unknown cause of the delay, like wasps buzzing in anger. An electronic voice vibrates above the passengers' heads as it announces in a perfect British accent

"British Airways flight 107, will depart as soon as possible. We ask you to wait patiently. Thank you for your co-operation."

Because we really have a choice, trapped on this small aircraft, packed tightly together like a tin of sardines. Life outside the protected metal cocoon
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What lies behind that guarded and protected door? I don't want to see, but I have to know! I need to have my fears confirmed or dispelled, but yet again I am made to wait as my thoughts flash back.

Instinct, or paranoia forces fear upon me. Remembering their faces, etched on my mind, smiling wishing visitors 'a nice day'. The ticket sales people on the ground floor. One male, one female. Young? Yes, about twenty two years of age. The elevator operators welcoming visitors at eight forty five in the morning. I can see their faces clearly. What has become of them though? Brought back to the present as the plane door hesitates to open. The door is taunting me and laughing as it observes how the torture perilously teases and haunts my thoughts. The cameras bustle, click and flash. I feel so close to the door and yet so far. Like a prisoner being held captive, staring at the fields and mountains not even a mile away. All they can do is sit and stare at the never ending horizon.

Flashes, lights, security wearing illuminous jackets. Red, white and blue lights thread and weave, patriotically through the cabin door. The door is almost fully open now. The elevator of the twin towers zooms, smoothly along a vertical summit, just as rivers flow to the sea.

The operators 'happy to be here' faces are impressed on my mind. 'Takes about forty five seconds' I

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