Flexible Work Schedules: What Factors Are Driving This Interest?

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Employees are increasingly interested in jobs with flexible work schedules. What factors are driving this interest?
Flexible work schedule is about people having the opportunity to make changes to the hours they work (over a day, a week or over the year), the times they work or where they work. It is also about how careers are organized, how transitions in and out of work are managed, and how flexible work is managed in the workplace so that employees and businesses benefit. In Malaysia and other Asian countries, there is a tendency for married women to leave employment upon marriage and the birth of children (Kaur, 2004). Inflexibility at work place and home places a lot of stress on the women and the family, especially for most women
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Flexible work locations are adjustments to the employee's regular work-site on short-notice or on a recurring basis to respond work or life needs of an employee and or operational needs of the organization. The alternate location, schedule must continue to support the needs of the organization. It also allows for appropriate oversight of the employee's work. The flexible work location also called as mobile working or teleporting that permitted employees to work all or part of their working week on location remote from the employer’s workplace.

Nowadays, there are many factors are driving this interest. Majority of the employee’s is more interested to choose the flexible working schedules than working with limited hours. It is because of several strong factors that driving them to interest in flexible work schedules, such as they can balance their time between their jobs and family, avoid the traffic and the stresses of commuting during rush hour and the flexible option that is available to them.
Firstly, many of employees are interested to work with, flexible work schedules. They can balance their time between their jobs and families. Balancing time between work and family are the action to achieve the happiness. Everyone, especially as a parent who are working, such a clerk, also want to have enough time with

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