Five Year Business Plan Essay

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SMC Company Five-Year HR Forecast
The local labor market has continued to shrink and labor costs have continued to soar over the past two years. SMC's workforce has now become bilingual and has had to deal with occasional unsuccessful attempts for its labor force to organize a union. To remain competitive for the next five years and sustain its growing sales, SMC Company will have to address staffing, employee development and training, compensation and benefits, employee relations, and safety and health issues. SMC must consider elements in developing the five-year plan such as technological advances, globalization, diversity, e-business and ethics.
The ultimate goal at SMC Corporation is continued growth. One aspect that will determine
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SMC management has taken the position that the non-management labor pool has the right, as defined by law, to vote on whether or not to organize. In the United States, workers may choose to work in a unionized or non-unionized workplace; both situations have positive and negative attributes. In a unionized situation, members may experience benefits such as union representation, and possible aversions such as layoffs and strikes. In a non-union situation, workers may experience benefits such as better relationships with management and aversions such as reduction in staffing or possible decreased benefits and wages.
SMC Company will ask that all employees keep in mind that it is important to look at a few key factors regarding unions, including; the history of unions, the types of unions available, and the pros and cons of unions. It is also important to note some key factors of non-union workshops, such as labor laws, benefits of non-union employers hiring non-union workers.
SMC Company does not desire to have its manufacturing plant become organized by a national labor union. The company wishes to remain non-union to maintain flexibility in labor relations and to avoid the constraining bargaining of a labor agreement. The SMC Company needs the flexibility during growth years to examine the possibility of constructing a manufacturing plant outside the country. Critical business needs would be

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