Finding the Right Foundation Essay

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Foundation is a liquid for your face that must be the same color as your skin and it is best known as make-up. I asked 8 females how many of them used make-up on a daily basis, and 6 out of those 8 females answered (yes) as in they would use make up on a daily basis. (Interview) Some of those females commented on how difficult it is for them to find a foundation for their skin tone. Many females these days have a huge problem discovering what foundation is best for them. I consider myself one of those females that have trouble finding the right foundation for my skin tone and skin type. Not every brand carries a perfect shade for my skin tone and I do not stay the same skin tone throughout the whole year. The problem I encounter myself …show more content…
There are a lot of points you must pay attention to selecting your foundation for your skin. I can’t just go to the store pick any foundation and buy it and expect for it to look perfect on me. I want my foundation to follow some regulations. These regulations are for it to be oil free, it must include an SPF, it should be a long lasting, it should give me a flawless finish, and it should not leave me with a caky finish after several hours of usage. All these factors are extremely important for my foundation to have because they will make my foundation give me a great presentable look. My foundation must be oil free because my skin is a little bit oily and by putting a product with oil, it will just create even more oil on my skin. An SPF is very important to be included in my product because it is what protects me from the sun. SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor which explains how much time you may stay in the sun without it causing so much damage to your skin as not having any SPF on your skin at all. It is important to protect yourself from the sun since the sun affects your skin in many different ways. The sun causes sun spots, wrinkles and dries your skin as well. It is extremely important to always have sun protector on your skin. (First) Segunsd explained that “Sun screening isn’t just for when the sun is out

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