Finding Significance in Music Essay

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As a performance major, time has generally been more devoted to “face time” with my interest than learning the important intricacies of the deep, rich world in which my profession inhabits. Thus, it is an exciting opportunity to be able to delve more deeply into this area of study which my education has so far found lacking. Yet, I find myself so extraordinarily indecisive. In a profession that spans multiple millennia, of which I am myself only the briefest of moments, how does one go about selecting a single topic with which to delve and explore? Perhaps a historical paper on one of history’s greatest composers, Ludwig van Beethoven, might be the route to go. The great German composer struggled through perhaps the greatest form of …show more content…
His life and works have so deeply enriched our musical world and continue to do so hundreds of years after he has died. Even his death has been the focus of some controversy, with over 118 causes of death posited. If Hollywood were to be believed, even the possibility of murder by a colleague isn’t out of the question. Of course murder is certainly far more interesting than the much more likely acute rheumatic fever, but Hollywood does tend to enthusiastically take its liberties with historical film. From any angle, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is a crucial and integral part of our musical history and therefore worthy of attention and study. Of course, not all great composers were born prior to 1900 and an ocean away. Leonard Bernstein was among the first great conductors to be born and educated in the United States of America. Though he is perhaps best known for his long term as the conductor of the New York Philharmonic, his compositional contributions to the music world have come to shape the iconic “American sound”. His compositions span a multitude of genres including symphonies, operas, musicals, chamber pieces, ballets, choral works, as well as many others. One work,

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