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Fifth Business1 Canadian Heritage Commercial

A railroad line is shown in the background as workers slave away at finishing the Canadian Pacific Rail line, which will run through all of Canada. Finally, the last stake is driven into the rail line thus completing it, rendering it useful for many years to come and effecting the lives of many in the present and future.

The purpose of this essay is to reveal the importance of Canadian history in the novel Fifth Business by Robertson Davies. Fifth Business was written as a reflection of Robertson Davies’s life but also serves as a viewpoint of Canadian life in the early twentieth century. The novel is written accordingly to sequence of events in Canadian history; this
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Boys’ wealth was built upon his keenness in the stock market before and during the crash. When the stock market crashed, he had been fortunate enough to survive through the depression. Even though times were hard Boy had found ways of making money through solaces (p.149) and his sugar factory. Boy had always felt responsible for Dunny because of the snowball incident and had helped Dunny manage his money to make a fair amount of income. Having Boy handling his income, Dunny would also be able to survive in the course of the depression. The depression was a point in the novel where Boy had been at one of his low points. Boys’ relationship with Leola was already having problems two years before the stock market crash, but as the depression arrived, Boy spent more time making money than investing his time in something more valuable, Leola. If the stock market crash were to never occur then Boy would not have been able to make a considerable amount of money, which in turn, would not allow Dunny to travel through Europe in search of his fool saint, Mrs. Dempster.

Dunnys’ encounter of the Madonna at a point in World War I offset his interest in religion and saints. While at battle, Dunny was severely wounded and had managed to barely escape. As Dunny struggled for survival he came across a statue that appeared to look exactly like Mrs. Dempster. In Dunnys’ mind, he had always regarded Mrs. Dempster as a saint for her miracles and this had sparked his

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