Feminism in the Late 20th and 21st Century in Western Europe and North America Compared to Feminism in Middle Eastern Countries

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My thesis will be based on Feminism in the late 20th and 21st century in Western Europe, North America and compared to Feminism in middle eastern countries. I want to focus my thesis on why feminism is still necessary and how feminist art makes a difference in either culture I have been researching sexuality and politics, the use of the Word 'feminazi' as a way of degrading the feminist movement, and terms like "modern-day feminist", degrading, negative and harmful words used against women that are deemed socially acceptable in todays society, the female form and how women are played against each other in the media, stereotypes accosiated with feminism such as it being an anti men movement rather than an equal rights movement. I
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If women 'meat' should act in a way that goes against the docile and chaste standards they are blamed for the actions or words of others and are often accused of 'asking for it' in some form or another, I feel this is true for both cultures either Western or Middle Eastern. Although Middle Eastern culture is much more extream, it doesnt excuse sexism and violence against women in Western culture.
I have been researching artists such as Mariel Clayton who is a female artist from South Africa living in Canada who works with dolls to create amusing photography of Barbie depicted in different ways such as a misandrist, drug addict, mother, suicidal, homicidal, and sexually twisted sociopath while Ken is often depicted as a sex object, a slave, homosexual or murdered in some gruesome way by Barbie. she has also used Barbie to recreate famous paintings such as 'Whistlers' Mother', 'Girl with a Pearl Earring', she has created images of Barbie portraying her as historical women through history such as Marie Antoinette, Isabella queen of Spain, Elizabeth 1, Ono No Komachi a 9th century Japanese poet.
I have chosen this artist because I feel she explores the different steriotypes associated with femininity and feminism by creating different scenarios and putting barbie in the misandrist and 'feminazi' role which feminism has been accused of, she has created Barbie as an

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