female circumcision Essay

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Female Circumcision
Kadi is a four-year-old girl who will never be the same because of her disturbing cultural rituals. Kali wakes up and pleads to play with the other children but her mother does not allow her. Kadi grandmother holds her down to the bare earth as her mother begins to cut her clitoris with a razor. After the very unsafe procedure Kadi cries almost five hours with a dirty rag between her legs as an attempt to stop the bleeding and possible hemorrhaging.
Most frequently the operations are performed by an old woman of the village sometimes know as the Gedda. Usually a woman performs the surgery but rarely does the mother do it. Before the surgery in certain communities there is a huge tribal dance and celebration. The
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After the surgery sexual pleasure cannot be obtained and sexual intercourse becomes very painful. Women who have been circumcised have a hard time giving birth and are often forced to have a caesarian, which is when a child is delivered through a small cut in the mothers stomach.
Women who undergo circumcision suffer to various degrees emotional and mental distress depending on the nature of the mutilation and resultant medical condition. Symptoms, which go unnoticed, are mental depression, frigidity and mental disorders. Psychological consequences a young girl might feel is betrayal from her mother, and a scene of humiliation.
Female circumcision has evolved from early times to try and establish control over women’s sexual behavior. It was seen as a cure for nymphomania, masturbation, hysteria, depression, epilepsy and insanity. Circumcision is believed to protect a woman against her oversexed nature, saving her from temptation, suspicion and disgrace. These beliefs must be understood in context of societies where female virginity is an absolute prerequisite for marriage.
The justification for the operation appears to be largely grounded in a desire to terminate or reduce feelings of sexual arousal in women so that they will be much less likely to engage in pre-marital intercourse or adultery. The

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