Essay about Federal vs. State Policy Comparison

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Historical documents such as the Constitution were carefully written by our ancestors to guideline the development of our current government. Currently the government operates under a dual system to allow a more balanced manner in extending the phrase” for the people, by the people.” Thus, this dual system allows each state a portion of authority and power in governing the residents of that state while allowing the Federal government the means of governing and providing a means to balance fairness with the state’s ruling. The establishment of a dual system ultimately requires both state and Federal government to corporate in implementing polices. However, an examination of both the similarities and differences of the state and Federal …show more content…
The structure may be similar; however, the Federal court has the judicial power that creates the U.S. Supreme Court and gives Congress the authority to create the lower federal courts with multiple diversions that govern specific topics at the Federal level of government while state government is equipped with the Supreme Court, Court of Appeals, and Circuit or District Courts handling specific cases such as criminal cases, probate court, juvenile, and family court. Thus cases are typically ended at the high court of review in which the state or federal government has jurisdiction over. However, some state cases can reach the Federal Court of Appeals, if the Federal court chooses to review claims against federal laws regarding issues of habeas corpus (Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts, nd.). When developing and implementing criminal justice policy, both the Federal and state governments share an active role of participation that derives from problems conveyed through public concern. When implementing criminal justice polices, the Federal government must ensure protection of all citizens’ civil rights and develop policies that are not bias based. There are several steps in rule making. First, Congress must address a social

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