Fear of Change Illustrated in Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird

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Some people hide from change thinking that it will never find them, but change is happening all around, whether it is the seasons or how people think and act things change. Sometimes though, as quickly as the world changes, there are people and things that may not change with everything else. In the novel To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee, there are people who refuse to acknowledge the world changing around them and try to reverse the changes that have already occurred. Two of these people afraid of changes are Bob Ewell and Walter Cunningham. Two people who become accepting of change are Miss Maudie and Aunt Alexandra. Fear of change is one of the root problems in society. Bob Ewell is afraid that Blacks will take over or gain higher …show more content…
Atticus defended Tom because his beliefs were that all people have the right to a fair trial, but for doing so Bob hated Atticus and threatened to hurt him and his family. Bob attacked Jem and Scout on Halloween night, with a fury, using a knife because Atticus defended Tom. Bob thought that if he hurt Atticus, or his family, then the damage done in court would be reversed, but Bob was only hurting his reputation by attacking children. Fear can destroy men whether they are powerful and rich or weak and poor. Fear is the one factor that may not be run from. Fear can cause many people to do things that will hurt themselves or the people around them. An example of this is Walter Cunningham. If Walter were to hurt Tom while he was in jail, then Walter would have also been sent to jail. He would have lost all the respect of the people around him along with his dignity because he would have attacked an unarmed Black man in jail. In addition to hurting himself, he would also have hurt his family. His family is so poor already that life would only get harder. They would not have a source of income and would potentially starve. Walter’s hate towards Blacks was grown from fear. He fears that Black’s will one day rise in social status to the point where he will be beneath them. He fears that he will lose everything that he has. While some people are afraid of Blacks gaining a higher role in society, others are accepting of the roles of all people in society

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