Fatal Distractions: Text Messaging and Talking While Driving

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Although text messaging is considered the most dangerous effect when driving in an automobile, but it’s negative effects is nothing like when talking on a cellular phone. Research shows that text messaging and talking while driving is dangerous because cell phone leads to accidents on roadways. Most people would argue that text messaging is more dangerous than talking on a cell phone, which I would agree, but not fully. If anyone was to ask the question “Which is more dangerous, Texting while driving or Talking while driving? “ The person would probably answer with text messaging while driving because the person can simply compare the two by viewing text messaging while driving as looking away and viewing talking while driving as …show more content…
Most debates about conversing while driving versus texting while driving fall under texting because text messaging is a big issue and does cause accidents. People that text message while driving is said to be 23 times as likely to crash Wilson and Stimpson (2010). From the research I have seen, I can see the reason why a person would pick text messaging over conversing while driving. However, I still wouldn’t agree to text messaging. For the people who think text messaging is more dangerous, I ask you to reconsider and this is why, conversing while driving on a cell phone is dangerous because it plays a big role on the person's mind. This is why; I say conversing on a cell phone is more dangerous than texting messaging while driving. When on the roadway one must understand first, conversation over the cell phone does impair driving performance significantly. The reason I point out the person should first know that conversing on a cell phone while driving impair driver performance because people without knowledge would think that it does not. Reason why, the driver's eyes will still be fixed on the road making talking on the cell phone not dangerous or non-degrading. The person must know, talking effects the mind and since the driver is thinking about the conversation he or she had on the cell phone, it could result in an

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